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19 May
The Comedian's-eye View of 05/22/00

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Excerpted-from: 05/22/00 -- ShopTalk

                         Monday May 22, 2000

	"I had no trouble kissing Valeria. We had chemistry. And I've kissed
	 Courtney (Thorne -Smith), Jane (Krakowski) and Lucy Liu on 'Ally
	 McBeal.' It's more about whether they have bad breath or not."

		- Calista Flockhart, who plays the lesbian lover of Valeria
		 Golina in the movie "Things You Can Tell Just by Looking
		 at Her," quoted in the New York Post.


Rush Limbaugh - who's been campaigning to fill the open seat on "Monday
Night Football" - actually auditioned with Al Michaels last weekend in Los
Angeles, according to a Southern California radio station. It may seem
far-fetched that ABC would pick the famous, right-wing radio commentator
to become its new color commentator -but it appears that Limbaugh might be
a step closer to his dream.  Limbaugh and ABC declined yesterday to confirm
or deny he'd been given a try-out. "I appreciate the speculation, but have
no comment at this time," Limbaugh told The NY Post.  But Limbaugh was
indeed in L.A. over the weekend. He told listeners on Monday that he "had
to go out for a big important powwow with the radio broadcast partners.
Wish I could tell you more about it, but can't until it's all done." The
big question is whether ABC, under its Disney ownership, would take a chance
on the politically outspoken and conservative Limbaugh. It might depend on
if - or how badly - ABC wants to return some Howard Cosell-style controversy
to the "MNF" broadcast. Limbaugh, who's been telling listeners since early
April that he seriously covets sports broadcasting's most prestigious job
opening, vowed he has the stamina to do both jobs well. "It won't wear me
down at all," he said. "I love the game." Limbaugh has said he'd do his
popular network radio show from each week's "Monday Night Football" venue.
(NY Post)


According to an Internet survey: 14% of men admit they have cried tears
sometime in the past year. And when it comes to making a man cry--it doesn't
have to be a fight with your wife--or even a tragic situation in a movie.
Just a few wrong words from a garage mechanic can do it.

Paula going to pose in Penthouse Magazine...Doctors believe she
is in the third state of being a Clinton girlfriend. Stage No.1: You get
groped.  Stage No.2: You sue for harassment. Stage No.3: You pose naked
for Penthouse. (David Letterman)

During a TV media luncheon recently, Jerry Springer defended Dr. Laura's
upcoming TV show. He said even though he finds her offensive, her 1st
Amendment rights must be protected...That's when you know your show's in
trouble ? when the only person who can get to stand behind you is Jerry
Springer. (Andrew Wisot)

Britney Spears' new CD is out.  The music on the album reflects her life.
A couple of numbers have been enhanced. (Ray)

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