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19 May
NTK Bits, 2000-05-19

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Subject: NTK Bits, 2000-05-19

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Excerpted-from: NTK now, 2000-05-19
From: "Danny O'Brien" <>

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	"Like many things in life, you can do exactly what you were going
	 to do in the first place and change the names."
                                                         - STEVE JOBS
            ...or have them sacked and erased from the record, anyway

                                >> HARD NEWS <<
                               hitting the boos

	If you gaze for long into the abyss, right, then doesn't the abyss
	gaze also into you, yeah? So spake the critics of the ORBS spam
	database, who have often suggested that the ORBS's vigilante
	techniques for tracking down open mail relays (by scanning the smtp
	ports of remote machines, and putting them on a public blacklist
	- not only if they do relay, but also if they refuse to be scanned)
	is as bad an abuse of Net trust as the spammers themselves. That's
	certainly what the sysadmins felt when they decided to
	block access to ORBS to and from their network following a rude
	probing.  But now it looks like AboveNet have become more than a
	little thuggish themselves. In the last few weeks, have
	been externally advertising their own unique route to the ORBS
	machines: a route that leads straight into a black hole. That means
	that not only can customers not see the New Zealand site,
	but anyone who transits with also loses access. Which,
	by a quirk of LINX's peering arrangements, includes all of JANET.
	No, JANET's not happy: and there's even been mutterings of a
	threatened suit against for computer abuse. Maybe the
	first person to complain to would be Paul Vixie, Senior VP at
	AboveNet's parent company, Metromedia.  He should be sympathetic:
	after all, in his copious spare time he runs the other spam
	blackholing service, RBL: maybe he should look into this abyss,
         - more irony: the Vienna Internet Exchange (VIX) affected too
                                                   - "unique methods"

	Thanks to everyone who didn't e-mail us over the last year to falco
	BOO.COM. Everyone else: no shit, Sherlocks. And we know that we
	should be revelling in those rumours of corporate excess, the
	Flash-driven horrors spooned out of Organic's arse into gaping
	mouths of usability experts the globe over, the vision of Miss Boo
	being dragged in chains through the streets of London. But sod it,
	kids:  there but for the grace of God go all of us in six months.
	And maybe it's time you looked your boardroom pals that talk so
	confidently of their plans at your startup, and wonder whether
	they'd take as much care of you when the whole thing takes off like
	a concrete rowing-boat. As it will.  Oh yes. For the bell, it tolls
	for boo. I mean you.
                     - ahh. you weren't expecting that were you? ahhh.
                                                         - others tho
                                                             - not so
                                                         - charitable

                               >> EVENT QUEUE <<
                         goto's considered non-harmful

	OK, so Oxford University won't let you hyperlink to DeCSS (full
	story at ), but they're happy to
	welcome the (potential) harbinger of humanity's future
	extermination, KEVIN "THE CYBERNATOR" WARWICK, who continues touring
	his "Will it be Super Intelligent Machines or Cyborgs?" show around
	potential hotbeds of mechanoid uprising. "This time, OU AI society
	have been subverted," writes OPERATIVE TOM (5.30pm, Mon 2000-05-22),
	"This may be my last transmission as an organic life-form."
                - yeah, KevinWarwickWatch needs updating, but whenever we
                     try and automate it, things go mysteriously wrong...
                          - for those that survive: a resistance movement

                                >> TRACKING <<
               sufficiently advanced technology : the gathering

	They're going to get you eventually, UNIX boy. You keep teasing
	the NT weenies long enough about these ILOVEYOU viruses, and they're
	going to brew up some mother of a MUA buffer overflow, and then
	who you gonna blame? Certainly not ANONY MAIL, Bjarni R. Einarsson's
	script to filter out any dangerous looking HTML or MIME attachments
	received by your machine. Okay, so it's in Perl, making it
	unsuitable for heavy mail flow. But that does mean that you can
	stick in your own quick fixes for any novel weirdnesses, and tweak
	it to fit your own paranoia. And thanks to its own one-pass MIME
	parser, it's not too heavy on the cycles. Unlike STRIPMIME, which
	is a slow, resource heavy monster for people who want any
	attachments automatically stripped and saved before their email
	gets to the mailbox. Great for anyone wishing a slim text only mbox
	to archive, hates having their POP or IMAP session sabotaged by
	huge attachments, and likes code hacked up in a hurry last week by
	bored newsletter writers after a string of monster DOH images.
	Please improve on it, and send your sarky coding critiques to the
	usual address. And remember: always try beta mail tools out on
	somebody else's account first.
                                  - probably best used in conjunction
                            - not that i've tested that (or anything)

                               >> SMALL PRINT <<

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