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22 May
This might cheer you up...

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Excerpted-from: Ruminations

It's not that good help is hard to find, it's just that bad help is so hard
to get rid of.  (Mike Sergent)

I just can't bring myself to wear turtlenecks; they make me feel like I am
being strangled by a very weak man all day long.  (Kathy Littleton)

Nature abhors a vacuum.  Then again, so does my dog.  (Shawn B. Alexander)

I used to think that being able to change from human to beast under a full
moon would be cool, but most people just laugh at were-chipmunks. (Sellitna)

I AM a god-fearing man.  In fact, I don't go to church because I'm afraid
I'll run into him there.  (Matt Diamond)

My wife is always nagging me.  It's always "get a job" this, and "get out
of your pajamas" that.  Don't fence me in, woman!  (Jim Rosenberg)

After Shari Lewis died, it's like her co-star, Lambchop, dropped off the
face of the earth or something.  (Matt Diamond)

The thing I love most about my S&M mistress is that she doesn't care whether
I'm Baptist, Jewish, Catholic, or Methodist.  She's a non-denominatrix.
(Woody Walker)

So why can't they make *tampons* that are "ribbed for my pleasure"? (Jenni

They say abstinence is the best policy, but it sure didn't help the Virgin
Mary.  (Laura Montgomery)

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