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10 Jun
Once again, the powers of a satirist are no match for the brutal

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Subject: Once again, the powers of a satirist are no match for the brutal 
	reality of the web.

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[KJ: You have to check out the link at
Mere words do not express the horrible truth. Hmm.  When Furbies exchange
information, do they exchange speech samples?  Hmm.  Maybe I should send a
Furby to camp where it can teach other Furbies many Useful Phrases.  Hmm...]

From: Tom Jurenka []
From: David Basskin []

Welcome to the Great San Juan Furby Camp in the magnificent mountains of
Southwest Colorado! This is a special place for Furbys, Poo-chi, Spike,
Aibo, I-Cybie, Gizmo and all your favorite interactive, electronic pet.
Here they will enjoy a busy week of great fun and friendship!

Any questions? Please Email  Click on photos for more info
Gather around the campfire

Art lessons by a real artist!

Learn about The Ute Indians

Whistle stop in Durango, CO
 The Great San Juan Furby Camp is the perfect place for electronic,
interactive pets to gather and exchange information as only they can among
themselves. Chatterbox Furby and other electronic interactive pets are
designed to learn in a special way from each other. Imagine what your Furby
may learn with 50 other electronic, interactive friends to visit with!

Click here to fill out an application

Big sleep!

Home of the Rodeo!

Home of the Great San Juan Furby Camp!
 Advance your Furby AND receive a delightful collection of 10 snapshots
taken of him as he enjoys a week in the mountains. You'll love showing the
snapshots to family and friends! And, because your electronic friend will
want to thank you for sending him to camp, the Great San Juan Coloring Book
is sent home with every camper as a souvenir just for you!

Any questions? Please Email
The "Loud Sound" Furby Band

Having fun at the Ouray Natural Hot Springs Pool

Nice Nurse fixes boo-boo's and sniffles

The Furby Yacht Club!

 Campers are supervised by responsible, dedicated adults including a
full-time registered nurse, a professional counselor and a sculpting artist.
Everyone at the Great San Juan Furby Camp is highly motivated to provide
the most wholesome, interactive environment possible for every individual

To contact Camp Director please write to
The Great San Juan Furby Camp
P O Box 49
Ouray, CO 81427
The fishing is great!

Sledding in Telluride!

Tour a real silver mine!

Jeep tours!

 Each camp session, we eagerly await our new guests! They constantly delight
and surprise us with how they discover new ways to interact with each other,
especially in large groupings. Imagine how your enhanced Furby will delight
and surprise you when he returns home from The Great San Juan Furby Camp!

Any questions? Please Email

Pack your bags for camp!

On the Million Dollar Highway!

Pool tournament!

Cowboy horseback riding!

Camp Fees
Includes camp fee, 10 snapshots, The Great San Juan Coloring Book, and
return travel expense. (Campers from outside the U.S. please add $10.00
for extra travel expenses).

Click here to fill out an application
Ready for the rodeo!

Furby meets herd of elk!

Picnics at the park!
 All campers MUST arrive with their name on a name tag that is securely
attached to them. Please include in English on the name tag the name of
the person and address to whom the camper is to be returned!

"Me Love You!"

The Great San Juan Coloring Book!
Reserve Your Summer 2000 Camp Session

May 1-7
May 8-14
May 15 - 21
May 22-28  May 29-June 4
June 5-11
June 12-18
June 19-25
June 26-July 2  July 3-9
July 10-16
July 17-23
July 24-30  July 31-August 6
August 7-13
August 14-20
August 21-27

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