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10 Jun
In the Dummies Series...

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Subject: In the Dummies Series...

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I haven't seen anything similar to this yet, so I'll claim originality and
get this in writing.

I'm considering jumping on the bandwagon and writing a new book with the
title "Ventriloquism for Dummies".

This will either be an introduction to ventriloquism for beginners, or a
management consultant's guide on how to indirectly change corporate workings
through the selected use of company memos, CEO speeches, house newsletters,
and rumor.

After that, it's "Crash Testing for Dummies", in which I either document
how the U.S. government performs and analyzes automobile test crashes for
safety reasons, or I document Mr. Spafford's use, misuse, and overuse of
his home personal computer system, and how he analyzes himself as a security
threat to his own system.

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