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12 Jun
The Century Project by photographer Frank Cordelle

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Subject: The Century Project by photographer Frank Cordelle

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Forwarded-by: Alice at _Radiance_ Magazine:

"Century" is a chronological series of nude photographic portraits of
women from the moment of birth through one hundred years of
age. While the biological continuum is an important part of the
project and provides a vital framework for other issues, this is much
more than a mere developmental chronicle.
Many of the photographs, for example, are accompanied by personal
statements written by the participants themselves. These are often
highly personal and intensely moving. The combination of words and
pictures has proven to be very powerful based on all public and media
responses to exhibitions and publications to date.

The subjects portrayed are, quite simply, real-life people. They are
not stars or models. They span all ages, body types, and have a rich
variety of experiences to draw upon and to share. CENTURY is about
real women in real bodies, not the caricatures in the worlds of media
and advertising.

The track record of the project so far has been one of art being able
to bridge educational and therapeutic gaps, and perhaps most
importantly, to be able to stimulate thought and discussion about
subjects that are often taboo in our society: namely nudity and
sexuality, violence, health issues, aging, our attitudes toward women
in general, and their portrayal in the media in particular.

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