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30 Jun
Re: JW Spam

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From: Bill Lambert

>On Mon, 19 Jun 2000, David A. Bayly wrote:
> > That makes me think of door to door spam as a term for unwanted
> > visitations at your door.  Watchtower spam anyone?

About Watchtower spam... Mrs. L. is Japanese. Perhaps through finding us
via the phone book for the Japanese Association, the JW's sent Japanese
women to our home. My wife yelled at them a number of times, and eventually
they stopped coming. They were persistent twits and came about once a month
on Sunday mornings for a few months.

Yes... they had a Japanese version of the Watchtower.

[Once while living in an apartment in Japan, two women rang my bell and
were sort of shocked when I answered. They were selling Japanese Bibles.
They tried to convince me that I wanted one because it would help me learn
Japanese. It had weird pictures in it of Japanese looking Apostles and a
Jesus looking like Mifune in the Seven Samurai, only slightly better
clothes. I still didn't buy it. I was sort of disappointed that they weren't
Condom Ladies. I always wanted to get a sales visit from the Condom Ladies.]

  == Bill ==

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