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30 Jun
RAID striping for HTTP?

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Subject: RAID striping for HTTP?

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From: "Eric A. Hall"

AT&T Labs today will announce a new system, Publius, that is meant to
guarantee freedom of speech and anonymity on the Internet while abolishing
online censorship.  Other projects have similarly attempted to liberate
the Internet from censorship and control, but AT&T Labs brings a
high-profile presence to the movement.  Publius accomplishes its tasks
through the encryption of files, which are fragmented and distributed over
several servers.  The files are reassembled when needed.  The use of several
servers greatly inhibits censorship efforts.  Publius will begin a two-month
trial period, which if fruitful will lead to the creation of a permanent
version of the system.  Internet experts are impressed with Publius; those
concerned with criminal activity on the Internet less so.  "Who wants to
be more anonymous than criminals, terrorists, child molesters, child
pornographers, hackers, and email virus punks?" asks Bruce Taylor of the
National Law Center for Children and Families.  (Washington Post, 30 June

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