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20 Jul
The Comedian's-eye View of 07/21/00

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Excerpted-from: 07/21/00 -- ShopTalk

                         Friday July 21, 2000

     "When I was in college, there were certain words you couldn't say
      in front of a girl. Now you can say them but you can't say 'girl.'"

	- Tom Lehrer, in the liner notes to his newly-released 3-CD set


The National Enquirer is saying that game show letter-turner, Vanna White
may have separated from her husband.  No word on whether the split has
anything to do with the couple's sex life, but apparently, she wasn't
getting enough aay's, ee's, aw's, ohhhs, and ooo's. (Steve Voldseth)

Imagine all the history that Britain's Queen Mother has seen in the last
100 years.  The Nazi Third Reich rose and fell.  Communism in the Soviet
Union rose and fell.  And the popularity of Prince Charles ? well, no,
don't remind her of that. (Richard Burkard/

NBC announced it will present a new show called "Chains of Love" ? with
one woman chained to several men for several days!  Yes, sir, that's what
we like to see -- REALITY television! (Burkard)

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