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18 Aug
The Louis Jordan Defense

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Subject: The Louis Jordan Defense

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Hope you get a kick out of this little's what happened to Nancy
and me on the way home from camp [the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop - see -psl].  I'm southbound on I-5, very innocently going 80, (ok,
maybe it was 85) and suddenly, the red lights appear in my rear-view mirror.
I was shocked of course, (oh my gosh...was I SPEEDING!??)   My
wallet/driver's license was at the BOTTOM of my suitcase, which was at the
BOTTOM of everything in the back of my car and as I'm leaning over into
the back searching for it, Nancy is Running at the Mouth about camp and
what it's like and how secluded it is and how we've had very little touch
with the outside world and how it's music, music, music, and how we're just
getting back to reality, and to prove it she whips open the back lid of
the Jeep and sure enough, ready to fall all over the road is a bass, three
guitars, a fiddle, a mandolin, a couple of crates of music books and two
sacks of rhythm instruments. I'm still digging, mind you, I KNOW that
wallet's in there somewhere and I hear Nancy say to the cop "If you don't
give her a ticket, she'll sing you a song!" and I think, oh right, I'm so sure!...  Well, I finally get my hands on my wallet
and go over to him and he's standing there, arms crossed, and he says "So,
what song are you going to sing for me?"  I looked at Nancy and said out
of the corner of mouth "well it sure as hell ain't Willin'" which totally
went over his head but she got it and then I said, "okay, Nancy, here we
go...  1, 2...1, 2, 3, 4!" and we go into the swinginest a capella version
of 'Is you is or is you ain't my baby?" complete with the loudest
finger-snapping you've ever heard and a few dance steps thrown in....  Got
through the first part of the song and he said "hey, all right, nice,
nice...well, you ladies have a nice...."  and I said "Oh no you don't,
you're hearing the whole thing!!" and we made him stay there while we
finished the song.  I mean come on, NO-ONE walks out on a song
rude!  It must have been a funny sight for the other drivers going
and him on the side of the road....

Did I get a ticket?  Nope.  Ain't music just the coolest thing??

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