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27 Aug
LIT BITS V3 #241

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Subject: LIT BITS V3 #241

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Excerpted-from: LITERARY CALENDAR V3 #241

Today is Monday, 28 August 2000; on this day,

1570 years ago (430),

     Best known for his work _Confessiones_ (The Confessions) and _De
     civitate Dei_ (The City of God), Saint Augustine dies in Hippo Regius.

251 years ago (1749),

     Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is born in Frankfurt-am-Main: "From my
     father, I inherited my stature and the serious conduct of my life from
     my dear mother, my gaiety of spirit and delight in story-telling."

118 years ago (1882),

     Gustaf Hellstrom (_Lacemaker Lekholm Has an Idea_, 1927), Swedish
     realist novelist, journalist, and literary critic, is born in
     Kristianstad. A foreign correspondent for several Scandinavian
     newspapers, his early work will show the background of his time in
     Paris, London, and New York.

71 years ago (1929),

     The editing of _Look Homeward, Angel_ is completed, a job that reminds
     Thomas Wolfe of putting corsets on an elephant.

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