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16 Sep
The Albar Albablar Duo

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Subject: The Albar Albablar Duo

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From: Citizen Kafka <>

This excerpt, supposedly a short article in a Maine e-newsletter about rock
music, is funny whether it's for real or fake; i'm 98% sure it's a goof,
but with Maine, who can tell? The link below the article is the page it is
taken from.


One of the most exciting performers on the western Maine scene today is
the ALBAR ALBABLAR DUO, a band comprised of Albar Albablar Senior and his
son Albar Albablar Junior. They relocated to the area from their native
Turkey seven months ago. "I heard so much about the western Maine music
scene in my homeland, but I have to say that it is even better than I had
imagined it could have been. It?s a blessing to be here!" The band combines
the light classic rock sound of the Eagles and CSNY with traditional Turkish

Yet the band is torn by a strange dynamic ? Albar Albablar Junior is
interested in adding a speed-metal flavor to the band?s sound, but his
father is not interested. "This wimpy shit doesn?t cut it anymore. I want
to add a dash of Entombed or Sarcophagus, but my dad isn?t biting.


later, dudes, rock on!

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