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19 Sep
Subliminal Messages Debunked

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 100 13:19:56 -0700
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Subject: Subliminal Messages Debunked

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[Research shows that subliminal messages don't need to be very subtle... -psl]

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I find the whole thing (I am God) quite amusing.

To think these Republicans could (I'm extremely desirable to women) try
something like this (send me all your money) and think they'd get away with
it (wax my car twice monthly) is mind boggling!

What kind of person tries to (worship me) subliminally influence another,
especially when (take off all your clothes) there are real issues to be

It makes you just have to (bow down before me) consider voting for Nader
-- or anyone! (you will vote for me) -- who is not a part of the Washington

Just my two cents, (I'm always right) I could be wrong...

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