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21 Sep
LIT BITS V3 #266

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Excerpted-from: LITERARY CALENDAR V3 #266

Today is Friday, 22 September 2000; on this day,

759 years ago (1241),

     The Icelandic poet, historian, and chieftain, author of the _Prose
     Edda_ and the _Heimskringla_, Snorri Sturluson dies in Reykjaholt.

306 years ago (1694),

     Lord Chesterfield (Philip Dormer Stanhope)--remembered for his letters
     to his natural son and for incurring the wrath of Samuel Johnson by
     offering his patronage to the _Dictionary_ somewhat after it had been
     finished--is born in London.

153 years ago (1847),

     English poet and essayist, Alice Meynell, is born in Barnes, near
     London. A sonnet, "My Heart Shall Be Thy Garden," will bring her the
     friendship of Wilfrid Meynell, whom she will marry in 1877, and
     together they will edit the _Weekly Register_ and _Merry England_

74 years ago (1926),

     Thomas Wolfe and James Joyce are on the same tour bus visiting the
     battlefield at Waterloo. They do not meet.

Today's poem:


     I must not think of thee; and, tired yet strong,
     I shun the love that lurks in all delight-
     The love of thee-and in the blue heaven's height.
     And in the dearest passage of a song.
     O just beyond the fairest thoughts that throng
     This breast, the thought of thee waits, hidden yet bright;
     But it must never, never some in sight;
     I must stop short of thee the whole day long.
     But when sleep comes to close each difficult day,
     When night gives pause to the long watch I keep,
     And all my bonds I need must loose apart,
     Must doff my will as raiment laid away,-
     With the first dream that comes with the first sleep
     I run, I run, I am gathered to thy heart.

                                               Alice Meynell

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