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25 Sep
NTK Bits, 2000-09-22

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                               >> HARD NEWS <<
                                taming shrews

         Andrew Simmons - or John Doe #13 as he's known to the DVD
         CCA - still has his DEMON INTERNET site untouched by the
         long arm of the Movie Industry police: but reports that
         other Demon subscribers have felt the hot-breath of Jack
         Valenti on their neck. This month, the MPAA's lawyers sent
         out a threatening legal letter to Thus, demanding that an
         unnamed subscriber's DeCSS mirror be smashed - and for a few
         moments it looked like the litigation-shy ISP was going to
         capitulate. Provide proof that you have permission to
         publish the material within five days, roiled the standard
         e-mail, or lose your site. Well, ahem, replied the customer:
         please note that a) DeCSS is as public domain as you can
         get, b) those scary statues the MPAA cite all appear to have
         the giveaway "U.S." at the beginning of them, and c) I'm a
         founding Demon subscriber, you ungrateful curs. Demon didn't
         take it further; we hope that this acts as a hint to any
         future ISPs who might get fidgety under the MPAA's gaze. If
         Demon hasn't nodded yet, maybe you don't have to either.
                                 - Oxford University? You reading this?
   - if being cited in the Californian court case wasn't cool enough...
                              - Simmons would win on Falco points alone
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