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25 Sep
He'll do for you what he's done for Texas

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 Quotations from Bush's Circle of Friends:

"We have to have men who are responsible for their women ... letting women
 have contraception gives them too much power."
    -Dr. William Reynolds Archer III, Bush's appointee as
    the Commissioner of the Texas Department of Health

"God does not forbid women to be leaders in society, generally speaking,
 but when that occurs it's usually because of the abdication of men ... I
 would vote for a woman for the presidency, in some situations, but again,
 there's a certain!   shame attached ... God's Word says very plainly that
 an elder is to be a man."
    -Marvin Olasky, Bush's close policy advisor

"I support George W. Bush for president. He will be the next president of
 the United States. And he'll have a Republican Congress and we'll be able
 to do all the things we've been trying to do while President Clinton has
 stopped us from it."
    -Tom DeLay, Republican House Majority Whip

"More conservative than his father, George W. has a proven record of
 conservative accomplishment ... A Bush victory in November 2000 would
 be a conservative triumph, not a moderate one."
    -Ralph Reed, Former Christian Coalition executive director
    and Bush's advisor

As Governor, George W. Bush declared January 1998 to be "A Month of Prayer
to End Abortion."

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