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25 Sep
Jungle Fever

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One fine day Mister Rabbit is running through the forest, and he sees a
giraffe rolling a fat joint and says, "Giraffe, giraffe!  Why do you smoke
puff?  Come run with me and get healthy instead!"
    Ashamed, the giraffe stops rolling his reefer and runs with the rabbit.
    Next they see an elephant doing fat lines of Charlie on a mirror.
"Elephant, elephant!", the rabbit says, "Why do you snort Charlie? Come
run with us and make your body well, instead."
    The elephant stops snorting, and is soon running along behind the rabbit
and the giraffe.
    Next they see a lion balancing his spoon and preparing a syringe of
smack.  "Lion, lion!" cries the rabbit, but before he can say anything
else, the lion roars and swats the rabbit with his paw, sending him
careening into a tree, unconscious.
    The giraffe and elephant are shocked. "Why did you do that, lion? All
he was trying to do was to help you!"
    "Yeah, right," snarls the lion.  "That damned rabbit always tries to
make me run around this bloody forest when he's done a few pills."

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