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1 Oct
RIP - Pierre Elliott Trudeau

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"I want to separate sin from crime.  You may have to ask forgiveness for
 your sins from God, but not from the Minister of Justice.  There's no
 place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation."
(1968, on modernizing Canadian laws on abortion, homosexuality, and divorce.)

"Now, obviously, when you're contending with an elephant you can't hope to
 be bigger or better or stronger than the elephant.  What you can do is
 select those areas in which you can perhaps perform better.  You know, a
 man is smaller than an elephant but perhaps he has certain talents which
 the elephant doesn't have."
(1970, on Canada-U.S. relations.)

"Our main exports to the United States are hockey players and cold fronts.
 Our main imports are baseball players and acid rain."
(1982, on Canada-U.S. relations.)

"I was my own best successor, but I decided not to succeed myself."
(1984, on retiring from politics.)

"I suppose Pythagoras was yesterday's man also, but two and two still makes
(early 1990s, on being denounced as "yesterday's man" by Prime Minister
 Brian Mulroney.)

	- former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau.
	Trudeau died September 28, 2000 at the age of 80.

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