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1 Oct
LIT BITS V3 #273

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Excerpted-from: LITERARY CALENDAR V3 #273

Yesterday was Saturday, 30 September 2000; on that day,

402 years ago (1598),

     Edmund Spenser is appointed Sheriff of Cork.

189 years ago (1811),

     Author of _Reliques of Ancient English Poetry_ (1765), which rivived
     widespread interest in English and Scottish traditional songs, Thomas
     Percy, dies in Dromore, Country Down, Ireland. His great linguistic
     ability is also shown in his translations from Chinese, Hebrew,
     Spanish, and Icelandic.

132 years ago (1868),

     The first volume of Louisa May Alcott's Little Women is published.

76 years ago (1924),

     Truman Capote is born in New Orleans: "Of course no writers ever forget
     their first fine day when I was seventeen I had my
     first, second, and third, all in the same morning's mail. Oh, I'm here
     to tell you, dizzy with excitement is no mere phrase."

63 years ago (1937),

     Albert Camus notes: "It is in order to shine sooner that authors refuse
     to rewrite. Despicable. Begin again."

Today's poem:

                  The Bonny Earl of Murray

     Ye highlands, and ye lawlands,
     Oh! whair hae ye been?
     They hae slaine the earl of Murray,
     And hae layd him on the green.

     Now wae be to thee, Huntley!
     And whairfore did you sae!
     I bade you bring him wi' you,
     But forbade you him to slay.

     He was a braw gallant,
     And he rid at the ring;
     And the bonny earl of Murray,
     Oh! he might hae been a king.

     He was a braw gallant,
     And he playd at the ba';
     And the bonny earl of Murray
     Was the flower among them a'.

     He was a braw gallant,
     And he playd at the gluve;
     And the bonny earl of Murray,
     Oh! he was the queenes luve.

     Oh! lang will his lady
     Luke owre the castle downe,
     Ere she see the earl of Murray
     Cum sounding throw the towne.

                                                Thomas Percy

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