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3 Oct
Michael Moore tonight on "Politically Incorrect"...and Other News

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Subject: Michael Moore tonight on "Politically Incorrect"...and Other News

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Dear friends,

Just a few notes...

I will be on "Politically Incorrect" tonight, Tuesday, Oct. 3, to comment
on this evening's Presidential "debate." The other guests include Gore
Vidal and former Congressman Bob Dornan.

I have published a diary of my Midwest tour with Ralph Nader.  Go to if you would like to read it.

The Nader rally I spoke at in Boston on Sunday was enormous -- well over
12,000 people! And they each paid ten bucks to get in! You couldn't PAY
12,000 people to come and listen to W. or Al.

"TV Nation" (now called "The Awful Truth") has been named by the British
Film Institute as one of the "100 Best Television Programmes of All Time."

My video, "Sleep Now in the Fire" for Rage Against the Machine, has been
nominated by Billboard Magazine as "Best Hard Rock Video of the Year." And
"Testify," our current video for Rage featuring Bush and Gore (and rockin'
Ralph!), is getting a lot of play on MTV. You can watch it by going to my

We lost our web guy, Gregg, so the site has been a little dormant lately.
But an anonymous angel has started to help us pull it together.

Can anyone tell me just what the hell the Israeli army is doing executing
-- in cold blood -- that little boy sitting on the sidewalk, while his
unarmed father begged for his life? Did all of you see that footage
yesterday? The most appalling, disgusting thing I have witnessed in a long
time. Enough is enough. Please write the Israeli Embassy, 3514 International
Drive, Washington, DC, 20008 or email them at and let
them know that the people who fund their army -- you and I -- have had it.
Over 50 Palestinians have been shot dead in the past 5 days. Peace now. Or
we pull the plug on this killing.

Bravo begins the encore run of our second season of "The Awful Truth" this
Friday, Oct. 6, at 8pm ET.

More to come later this week...


Michael Moore

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