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3 Oct
The Comedian's-eye View of 10-04/00

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Excerpted-from: 10-04/00 -- ShopTalk

                       Wednesday October 4, 2000

	"Maybe you don't want to see me naked, but it is not about that.
	 It's about what I want and whether this role will challenge me."

		- Halle Berry, on appearing topless in the forthcoming
		  movie "Swordfish"


A big showdown is planned tonight in Boston -- the first Presidential
debate.  The last time that city hosted a political event this big, George
Bush was trying to get Willie Horton to stand next to him at Boston Harbor!
(Richard Burkard/

Fox won't show tonight's first Presidential debate at all.  Instead, it's
presenting the premiere of the drama, "Dark Angel."  We're not sure, but
this sounds like something about the Pat Buchanan campaign!  (Burkard)

"Remember the Titans" is number one at the box office. Because of its
success, a sequel is in the works. Denzel Washington will be given another
impossible task. Integrating the Republican Party. (Alan Ray)

An iceberg 10 times the size of Manhattan Island has broken free from the
Antarctica Ice Shelf. Scientists fear that the introduction of the giant
ice chunk into ocean waters could result in higher sea levels and the return
of that crappy Celine Dion song.  (Voldseth)

The Screen Actors strike reached Day No.  155.  Officials say it is the
longest work stoppage in Hollywood acting history since David Caruso.

Monday's U.S. Supreme Court 's decision declining to review the 'Cheers'
suit apparently overshadowed an equally substantial Court announcement
Monday. In a 7-1 decision, with Judge David Souter abstaining, the high
court also refused to act on a suit filed by Laura Schlessinger.  Dr.
Schlessinger is seeking damages from a company that has been providing
inflatable rubber facsimiles of her to a string of gay bars. (Marc Wallace)

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