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6 Oct
Celebrity Toy Wishes

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 'Celebrity  Toy  Wishes'

Stars' toy tales are featured in the inaugural 'Celebrity Wishes' section
of Toy Wishes, the US magazine devoted solely to toys.

"I still have my favourite toy. When I was three, my father was on
sabbatical in Italy and I was with him. It was Christmas time and I had
this little toy car that Pinocchio would drive. And the head fell off. For
some reason, my father planted Pinocchio's head in the ground. I didn't
know why at three. Then it was Christmas and the next morning this thing
had grown out of the ground and it was a giant, wooden Pinocchio. It's only
3-feet tall, but to me, it was gigantic.  And I still have it. But the
interesting thing about it is, after that, I was planting all my Hot Wheels.
But nothing else ever grew,"
Nicolas Cage

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