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30 Oct

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Date: Mon, 30 Oct 100 19:54:31 -0800
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Subject: Porno-Cubism

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    "Hardcore porn makes for pretty compelling TV when viewed in its
    unscrambled form, but once the action is fed through a scrambler
    into my 27-inch Sony, something much different emerges -- something
    finer and more rewarding.  Those highly choreographed shag sessions
    materialize on the screen as the distorted, sliced-up sequences of
    porno-cubism that jargon-makers call "Picasso porn."

    I don't much like unscrambled porn.  With its worn-out story lines,
    its so-bad-it's-funny acting, and its mechanical humping and
    sucking, straight porn bores as often as it excites.  It's the
    too-much-information problem; it doesn't leave you any room for
    filling in the blanks.  But scrambled porn, like a finely wrought
    minimalist short story -- imagine Raymond Carver erotica -- gives
    you just a scattering of small but telling details.  You catch a
    flash of breast here, a vague hint of penetration there, and then
    you flesh out the story line from your own mental storehouse of
    fantasies.  It's interactive titillation, much like the give-and-take
    of sex itself."

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