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31 Oct
New Horizons in Democracy -- Be a Nader Trader

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Subject: New Horizons in Democracy -- Be a Nader Trader

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If you'd really like to vote for Nader but intend to vote for Gore to help
keep Bush out, there is an alternative. Go to to
find out more.

Here is a quote from the website:

"We've all heard it: "A vote for Nader is a vote for Bush."  Wouldn't it
be great if you could both vote for Ralph Nader AND against George W. Bush?
Now you can-- become a Nader Trader.  If you live in a swing state, contact
a Gore-voting friend in a strongly Bush-leaning state and will vote for
Nader, while you will vote for Al Gore.  Becoming a Nader Trader hurts
George W. Bush, helps Al Gore, and will increase the national totals for
Ralph Nader and the Green Party."

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