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3 Nov
Vote Swapping Sites refuse to shut down

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Subject: Vote Swapping Sites refuse to shut down

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From: Kevin Johnsrude <>

According to, various vote-swapping sites are refusing to shut
down with the ACLU backing them, saying that vote-swapping is a
constitionally-protected form of free speech.

One such site is which is a vote-swapping portal that points to
other sites that have vote-swapping software in place.


Are you considering voting for Ralph Nader but afraid to because George Bush
might win this election?   Third party candidates play an important role in
setting discussing important issues and solutions that the major party
candidates avoid in their effort to pander to the voters.

Are you an Al Gore supporter that is concerned that the Nader vote might
cause George Bush to win?   In 1968 Richard Nixon defeated Hubert Humphrey
when Eugene McCarthy ran as a third party candidate.  In 1980, Ronald Reagan
was elected when Anderson ran as a third party candidate.

Voting for the candidates who represent best your views is desirable.
Having this vote elect the least desirable candidate is not.  Here is how
you can have your cake and eat it too.

The presidential election consists of 50+ separate elections that determine
the outcome of the election.   Some of these elections are close and the
Nader vote could make a difference.  Some are so lopsided that the major
candidates are not even bothering to campaign there.

If you are in a close state and considering voting for Nader or undecided
because you are afraid of electing George Bush, then you can swap your vote
with someone from another state that will pledge to vote for Ralph Nader if
you would vote for Al Gore.

Both Al Gore and Ralph Nader will be winners.  The vote count for Ralph
Nader will go up and hopefully reach a level in which he could receive
matching funds to mount a more serious challenge or at least cause the major
parties to change. Al Gore could defeat George Bush.

There are several sites available that will match you with someone else who
is willing to swap your vote with theirs and notify you when they find
someone to swap your vote with.

Vote swapping is not the same as vote pairing.  With vote pairing, a Bush
voter finds a Gore voter and both agree to vote for Nader instead of
canceling each other's vote (See  It requires more trust on
both parties.  For example, if the Bush voter doesn't keep his or her
pledge, then Gore loses a vote.  Vote swapping requires less trust since
Bush cannot benefit by either party failing to keep their pledge. In
addition, there is no benefit for a Bush supporter to falsely register.


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