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15 Nov
To Become the King of State

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Subject: To Become the King of State

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To Become the King of State
(to the tune of "If I Only Had a Brain")

I can while away the hours
Coercing federal powers
Bypassing Florida's state
And my ass I'll be scratching
While my plots I'm busy hatching
To become the King of state.

As a president I'll be lacking
But I've got my daddy's backing.
For that I can't complain
For hard work really bores me
And big oil still adores me
But who cares, I'm king of State

O I can tell you why
I received a DUI
I just wanted to become completely high
I had no coke, to get me by.

Oh my eyes were really glossy
I tried to out drink an Aussie
In Kennebunkport, Maine
I thought that I could do it
But I really couldn't prove it
For you know I have no brains.

I can fill the courts with "whereas"
Because I have Ms. Harris
To help me steal the show
In my mind I'm not a liar
If she turns, then I will fry her
And then out the door she'll go

And I got me old Jim Bakker
A big prevaricator
To help me win the day
I'll declare myself the winner
I don't care if I'm a sinner
Then at last I'll have my way

Copyright 2000 Digby Morrow and Judy Morrow
  All rights reserved

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