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21 Nov
What A Wonderful World

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Subject: What A Wonderful World

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  Bush Inaugural Address Poem
  to the tune of "What A Wonderful World"
  with apologies to Sam Cooke

     Don't know much about history
     Don't know much foreign policy
     Can't remember how I got through school
     Cocaine and alcohol were just so cool
     But what's it matter 'cause my mommy says
     "Boy, if you want to you can be the prez
     And what a wonderful world this will be"

     Don't know much about the women's vote
     Don't know much about the bill I wrote
     Don't know much about the foreign vets
     I've never voted for 'em yet
     But I do know if your dad tries hard
     He can get you in the National Guard
     And what a wonderful place that can be

     Now I never claimed to be an A student
     But what's wrong with C's?
     And maybe by lying to my lovely daughters
     I can win their love for me

     Don't know much about air pollution
     Don't know much 'bout the constitution
     Don't know much 'bout th'economy
     It never much affected me
     But there's one thing that I know for sure
     If the rich stay rich and poor stay poor
     What a wonderful world this will be

     Don't know much about the national debt
     Can't say that I've ever paid one yet
     If we need to we can sell the States
     To the Japanese at discount rates
     But I do know if things get bad
     Dick and I can always call my dad
     And what a wonderful world this will be.

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