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22 Nov

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Subject: Thankstaking

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From: Richard Crandall <>

So I am in the grocery today, 22 Nov 00, with my 3-year-old daughter who
knocks some goods off the shelf, making a spill.  The nice clerk lady is
cleaning it up, and I start ranting about how this is a bad omen for
"Thankstaking."  The clerk looks up from her floor work and says
"Thanks---what??" And I get into this professor talk, saying "Yes,
Thankstaking, you see, I am part Cherokee, and for some of us, the holiday
commemorates the Taking of everything the Indians had, the turkeys, the
land, the dignity, etc., etc., etc..."

So by now there has gathered a little group of horrified Portlanders,
wondering where I am coming from with this rant, when the clerk looks up
again and says "Well, at least you got the Columbia fish back."

--R. E. Crandall

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