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24 Nov
What Ensues? The Top 10 Dot-Sitcoms

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Subject: What Ensues?  The Top 10 Dot-Sitcoms

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Excerpted-from: CNET Digital Dispatch  November 23, 2000, Vol 6, No. 47

Top 10 Dot-Sitcoms

News is out that ABC will be running a new half-hour show titled "Dot
Comedy" (read the story at ).  Is this
the start of a trend?  Just in case, we've come up with this list of
technofied sitcoms we're hoping to see in prime time:

 1. My Three Suns: A father and his three boys decide to set up a server
    farm in their basement, using just three Sun machines; wackiness ensues.
 2. Suddenly Sues-'Em: Wackiness ensues as we follow the weekly
    misadventures of Napster, the RIAA, Metallica, and others.
 3. The Net Nanny: A cybersitter, who sounds eerily like Fran Drescher,
    moves in.  When she informs the Sheffield kids that they're not allowed
    to visit restricted Web sites, wackiness ensues.
 4. I Love Lucent: Little Ricky, all grown up, gets hired by a company that
    plans to "make the Internet mobile."  Finally Fred, Ethel, Ricky, and
    Lucy can afford to move from their down-at-the-heels flats into a
    superwired retirement home.  Wackiness ensues.
 5. Three's .Company: The story of one man trying to live with two
    incompatible operating systems.  With Don Knotts as Mr. Furley, the
    goofy MIS guy, wackiness ensues.
 6. C*A*S*H: "I don't think this kid's going to make it," says Hawkeye.
    "Is it his heart?" B. J. asks at another table.  "No, it's his stock
    options," explains Winchester, and wackiness ensues.
 7. Ellison's Island: When the Oracle yacht, out for a three-hour tour,
    runs aground, watch Larry (as the Professor) try to construct an
    enormous database server out of coconuts.  Wackiness ensues.
 8. The FAQs of Life: A group of teenage-girl computer science students at
    boarding school decide to start their own Web site.  Wackiness ensues
    when they install Webcams and start streaming their pillow fights--for
    a fee.
 9. Faulty Towers: Early shipments of Pentium 4 chips contain buggy software
    code, causing crashes on thousands of minitowers; wackiness ensues.
10. Everybody Loves Redmond: A spin-off of the mega-hit "Bill & Grace."
    A Washington-based couple and their kids all work for Microsoft... and
    love it!  Wackiness ensues.

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