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28 Nov
Caffeine so Late at Night?

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Subject: Caffeine so Late at Night?

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Sodium pentathol baby, yeah.  Completely off-topic, but this reminded me of
some show that I've seen years and years ago as a child and would love to
find it again.  I think it was an Outer Limits episode maybe, or a Twilight
Zone or something, but there were two parents in the distant future who were
preparing their kid for a psychological evaluation of sorts and all through
the show you're given to understand that passing the "test" is basically a
life-or-death thing for this kid, for the good of the society at large; if
he failed the test, it'd be death (to make sure the society is kept clean and
pure or something like that). All through the show, his parents are tutoring
him, trying to educate him as best as they can in preparation for this test.
Then, towards the end, he starts the test and the test administrators give
him sodium pentathol to make him tell the truth and he says something to the
effect of "Why would anyone want to lie on the test?" and they sortof look at
each other and smile or something and it becomes totally obvious that the
test is to make sure he _isn't_ overly intelligent to keep the general
population kindof stupid.   Anyone remember where that came from?  Outer
Limits?  Amazing Stories? I'd love to find that on tape.  I really need to
lay off the caffeine so late at night...

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