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1 Dec
Top 10 Tech-Influenced Action/Adventure TV Shows

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Top 10 Tech-Influenced Action/Adventure TV Shows

  1. Modem, She Wrote: Each week, our intrepid detective tries to solve
     the ultimate mystery: why her modem won't ever connect at 56k.

  2. Micro-CHiPs: Ponch and Jon now patrol the Information Superhighway.

  3. Carly's Angels: Chief exec Carly Fiorina instructs her team of three
     vixen market analysts on how to prop up HP's sagging stock price.

  4. Hawaii 6.0: An upgraded version of the classic series. Steve McGarrett
     goes surfing for bad guys online.

  5. T. J. Hacker: A retired cop, with an uncanny resemblance to James T.
     Kirk, takes up computer hacking to track down the miscreants who
     canceled his TV show.

  6. The Excel Files: Inexplicable things are happening to the data in
     Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Can this puzzle be solved? The truth is
     out there.

  7. The AOL-Team: Each week, AOL, Time Warner, Netscape, and Mr. T unite
     to promote corporate mergers and make the world safe for capitalism.

  8. Magnum, PC: This series about a crime-solving personal computer that
     goes by the code name Deep Blue is based in beautiful Hawaii. Season
     finale cliff-hanger: Will Deep Blue be seduced by the wily charms of
     the Texas Instruments Speak 'n' Spell?

  9. The Incredible Bulk: The exciting adventures of Windows, which just
     keeps growing and growing.

 10. Buffy the Virus Slayer: Buffy and her fearless gang of antivirus
     definitions stalk and kill VBS files--no small feat while wearing a
     halter top and high-heeled boots.

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