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4 Dec
Another Election Song

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B FROM TEXAS (to the tune of "T for Texas")
Words by W.B. Reid
Music (with apologies) by Jimmy Rogers

Well it's B from Texas, G from Tennessee
B from Texas, G from Tennessee
And it's E for the election
That's gone and messed up the whole country.

I'm gonna find me a ballot, with a big long hanging chad
Find me a ballot with a pregnant, dimpled chad
Gonna shove it in George W's face
And make him feel so doggone mad

Well I failed at business, I failed at drilling oil
Failed at business, failed at drilling oil
Now I may have won the white house, and it's got me so darned scared
That my face is breaking out in boils

Yeah, this new job I've won, has got me scared as I can be
Like a deer in the headlights, as scared as I can be
But give me a line of cocaine and a good stiff drink,
And I'll be ready to run the country

[and in the interests of equal time...]
Well they ragged me for my grades in college,
But you know they've got it wrong
I had bad grades in college, but you know they've got it wrong
You just got to realize, people,
That's when I invented the bong

My daddy told me, son you got to be the president
It's payback time son, you got to be the president
But a tie for the election with the other guy
I don't think that's what he meant

So go back to Texas, go back to Tennessee
Back to Texas, back to Tennessee
Leave the White House vacant, save all that money
Pay off the deficit, fix social security,
And save the economy

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