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6 Dec
A Difficult Question

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A Difficult Question

It's January, 2001.  The courts have finally confirmed that George W. Bush
is the new president.
    You're a news service photographer on assignment near Galveston covering
Dubya as he travels with Slade Gorton, who he has just appointed Secretary
of the Interior.  However, hurricane-force winds have caused an enormous
flood that is still growing.  Many homes have been lost, water supplies
contaminated, etc.  You come across Dubya and former Sen.  Gorton, who have
just been swept away by the floodwaters.  They are barely hanging on to a
tree limb, and are about to go under.
    You realize you have to think quickly.  If you drop your camera you
can probably save them both, but if you don't, you could probably take a
Pulitzer-Prize-winning photograph of them as they lose their grip on the
    So the question is,... which lens would you use?

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