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8 Dec
Top 10 Problems With the Microsoft Home of the Future

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Subject: Top 10 Problems With the Microsoft Home of the Future

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Excerpted From: CNET Digital Dispatch

Top 10 Problems With the Microsoft Home of the Future

Tucked away in New York's trendy Tribeca neighborhood, there's a spectacular
piece of 21st century PR called the Microsoft Home of the Future. We're
intrigued by the concept, but we imagine living in an all-Microsoft dwelling
place might have its drawbacks, including the following:

  1. Unfriendly: Doormat says "Start" instead of "Welcome."

  2. Infectious Outlook: Everyone in your family keeps contracting nasty
  viruses. Oddly, the neighbors in the Linux house never seem to get sick.

  3. Burglar Magnet: Your home's architecture is riddled with hidden holes,
  back doors, and other security flaws.

  4. Overpriced: Whenever you visit a foreign country such as Russia or
  China, you see houses that look exactly like yours but find out people
  bought them on the black market for a fraction of what you paid.

  5. No Doors: Only windows.

  6. Network Neighborhood: You can't share your home with anyone else.
  Every member of your family must buy his or her own house and then network
  it with yours.

  7. Dirty Dishes: Microsoft doesn't offer drivers for your new dishwasher.

  8. Fine Print: You must register your home with Microsoft within 30 days
  of purchase, or else the house will lock you out and void your warranty.

  9. Slow and Unsteady: It takes forever to back up the drive, and then
  you crash.

 10. One Word: Mice.

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