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11 Dec
Judgment Day O'Connor [THE CORRECTED VERSION OF MM'S 12/11/00

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Subject: Judgment Day O'Connor  [THE CORRECTED VERSION OF  MM'S 12/11/00

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			Judgment Day O'Connor

December 11, 2000  [amended]

Dear friends,

I'm sorry I haven't been able to write to you in the past couple of weeks.
My mom became ill and had to have surgery. Everything went well and she is
now recovering. My sisters and I are blessed to have our parents, nearing
80, still with us.

Meanwhile, I guess some sort of overthrow is taking place right here in
the good ol' U.S. of A. I knew the U.S. Supreme Court was dominated by
reactionaries and conservatives. But, honestly -- I never, ever, believed
it was... crooked.

Until now.

This Court appears ready to install a President who did not win the
election. Can this really be happening?

Everyone knows that if the votes are ever counted in Florida, Gore is the
winner. George W. Bush knows that more than anyone -- that's why he's
fighting so desperately hard to stop that count from ever taking place. If
he felt he was truly the winner, his attitude would be, "Sure, go ahead
and count the ballots, I'm not worried 'cause I know I'm the winner."

But that's NOT what he thinks or knows. He knows he lost. EVERYONE knows
he lost. Let's cut the B.S. If those 12,000 ballots ever get counted, George
W.  Bush is the loser and everyone with an I.Q. of over 70 knows it.

Why would the loser insist on being given the top prize? Have you ever
heard of such a thing? Not only that, he has convinced all the loser-lovers
in the Florida legislature and the U. S. House of Representatives to grant
him the victory in case he loses -- again -- in court.

In every other nation on this planet, they have a word for this behavior
-- and that word is "coup."  George W. Bush and his allies in Congress,
the Florida legislature, and the U.S. Supreme Court are trying to stage a
coup, an overthrow of the will of the people.

According to last Sunday's stunning front page story in the Miami Herald,
had there been no shenanigans in the Florida election, the Herald calculates
that Gore would have won Florida by 23,000 votes! You can check out this
story by clicking here:

The theft of this election didn't just start with Jeb Bush's girlfriend/Bush
for President Co-Chairwoman/Bush delegate to the Republican
Convention/Secretary of State Katherine Harris's refusal to count the
ballots. Months ago, Jeb and Katherine sought to eliminate as many black
voters as possible from the voting rolls. This is a mind-blowing story and
I encourage you to read it by clicking here:

The U.S. Supreme Court stopped the counting of the ballots this weekend
and violated the law in doing so. They are allowed to grant a stay only if
"irrevocable, irreparable harm" would happen if the votes were counted.
Since when does the counting of our citizens' votes cause "irreparable
harm"? Justice Antonin Scalia said (I'll paraphrase here), well, we believe
Bush won and if we allow those votes from Florida to be counted and Gore
ends up ahead, well, that would cause irreparable harm to a Bush

Yes, that is what he said!

Look, let's be honest about something. Part of the reason we are in the
mess we are in today is because AL GORE voted YES to put Justice Scalia on
the Supreme Court.

Let me say this one more time so it sinks in to every Gore-loving head out


The chickens sure have come home to roost for that blunder (and for the 11
Democrats who voted YES to give Clarence Thomas his narrow victory). Don't
write me and tell me about the kind of Court we "might" get under Bush
thanks to Nader. We already have it, thanks to Al and his Democrats. It's
a tough pill to swallow.

Listen, this fight today, Monday, December 11, 2000, is not about Al Gore.
It is about the only thing that ultimately matters in a democracy -- the
right to vote. The right to have a say in who will represent us. Gore got
300,000 more votes than Bush. Gore won. Gore will have more votes in Florida
if those ballots are allowed to be counted. Gore won.

I have no personal interest in seeing Al Gore in the White House. I did
not vote for him.

But I don't like liars, I don't like thieves, and I really hate cowards.

Mr. Bush (that's what the majority of Americans will always call you,
because we will not participate in your lie by ever calling you "Mr.
President") -- we know what you are so afraid of. You are a coward for not
wanting those ballots counted because you know the outcome. You know you've
lost. You know the people have spoken. Be a man, for crying out loud! Go
back to your ranch and let us get on with bugging the shit outta Al Gore
for the next four years!

Friends, if you do anything today, it must be to take a stand against this
coup. If you live within a few hours of Washington, DC, I am asking that
you pack the grounds of the Supreme Court the way any nation of citizens
would do if their election was being stolen from them.

The rest of you -- call Western Union right now! That's right, leave this
21st century technology of the Internet behind and return to the 19th
century way of the telegram. They will not be expecting an avalanche of
telegrams on their desks! Western Union still hand-delivers telegrams.
Let's flood the offices of Justices Sandra Day O'Connor and Anthony Kennedy
(the only two conservatives on the Court who are not certifiable loons)
within the next few hours and let them know the true will of the people.
I am especially calling upon anyone who voted for Bush or Nader or Buchanan
to rise above political ideology and take a stand for what you know is

Here's how you send a hand-delivered telegram:

1. Call Western Union at 800-325-6000. Then wait for the live operator.
2. Tell the operator that you want to send a hand-delivered telegram that
   needs to get there within the next few hours.
3. It costs $17.95 for 15 words or less, and another $13.95 for the hand
   delivery. That's a total of $31.90. Most credit cards accepted.
4. The address is: Justice Sandra Day O'Connor (and/or Justice Anthony
   Kennedy), U.S. Supreme Court, One First Street N.E., Washington, DC 20543.

I know thirty bucks is a lot of dough for many of you. Is our country worth
$31.90?  I think it is. If you truly can't afford it, then call the Supreme
Court today and make your feelings known (202-479-3211 -- they say they
don't have a comment line).

But I'm telling ya, forcing the Justices to swim in a sea of yellow
telegrams -- that will have an enormous impact. It will make national news
and inspire millions more to do the same. No one sees the phone calls coming
in or the e-mails being sent (the Justices won't accept e-mails). But those
Western Union guys having to lug truckloads of telegrams up the steps of
the Supreme Court... whoa!  Call 10 people right now and ask them to join

There will be plenty of time later to discuss the other issues pertinent
to this election -- why 100 million citizens again did not vote, the way
the rich bought and paid for both candidates, why I am personally
responsible for this whole mess, etc.

But right now -- TODAY -- we have to act like we have never acted before.
Trust me, if they can get away with this, they can get away with ANYTHING.
Maybe many of you are already convinced that they can. I am still clinging
to some sort of strange hope that right and justice will prevail, that a
few million of us can shock this corrupt court into coming to its senses,
if not its own sense of self-preservation.

The clock is ticking.


Michael Moore

P.S. Send this letter to anyone you wish, asap.

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